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About Elixir CT

Life at Elixir CT

Enthusiasm and cheerfulness is a way of life at Elixir CT.

What set us apart from other organizations is encouraging our dynamic team to deliver innovative solutions. Our enthusiasm and cheerfulness is contagious and reflects in our solutions, our teamwork, and in our relationship with our clients.

Magnet for the best talent!

Ours is a talented mix of skill sets, backgrounds and experience – enabling perfect solutions. Each of our persons has an excellent track record in their respective domains. Our professional work culture, transparent growth opportunities, creative work environment, and a caring attitude attract the best talent. Over the years, Elixir CT has created and retained the finest reservoir of consultants, managers, developers, designers and testers constantly delight customers with their innovative solutions.

Learning never stops at Elixir CT!

Elixir CT is not just another workplace, but a never ending experience of learning and evolving. Our work environment encourages our professionals to cultivate the foresight to anticipate new IT and mobile challenges and an expertise to convert these challenges into next-generation solutions. A collaborative learning environment and exposure to latest technology enables our team to constantly raise the bar of service, performance and growth.

Here fun and work go hand in hand!

Enjoyment of one’s work brings out the best performance – that is our belief system. We create an environment where a feeling of enjoyment ensures delivery of best results. We just do not drive results but are focused on creating a healthy work-life balance. Activities like team lunches, excursion, rewards and recognitions not just foster teamwork but make work a fun exercise.

Eager Champions

  • Endeavour to promote innovations and advancements
  • Exposure to new, different and interesting problems
  • Expertise and excellence are our way of life
  • Encouragement through rewards and awards
  • Enthusiasm to raise the bar of growth and performance
  • Ensuring a healthy work-life balance
  • Environment that will cheer and challenge
  • Elixir CT, the perfect workplace