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Client Testimonials

Sharing common pathways with reputable businesses

We are aware of the unique demands of each of our clients, and over the years have built up enviable resources and talent to meet these demands. Our tenacity and methodology go a long way in aiding us to achieve targets and meet goals, on time and every time.

"Elixir CT’s orchestrated effort created a great gaming mobile product for us. We appreciate the contribution of every team member for making it a reality. We were ably assisted by UI Applications for real-time updates of sporting events."
Sports content provider

"Elixir CT’s enterprise-wise solutions simplify client’s business challenges – right from training 1000+ employees across multiple territories, to mobilizing a large dealer network, generating and managing reports, and informing and engaging customers about client’s indian products and services"
Globally renowned mobile brand

"Having teamed up with Elixir CT, we rest assured that nothing mediocre is filtered out of our product portfolio to our end customers. We trust their rigorous processes and systems to give us easier and faster ways to share real time business data with our employees and channel partners."
Largest market research company

"As our outsourced IT partner, Elixir CT works like an extended team, always keeping us updated and bringing us peace of mind along with maximizing value to our businesses."
India’s leading infrastructure development and finance

"We are impressed with the expertise, service, and turn-around time of Elixir CT’s team that ensures that we reach the market at the right time, without compromising on quality and without adding cost."
Dealer network of a global leader in mobile manufacturing

"Our partnership with Elixir CT has broadened our views on using technology innovatively. We have been benefited tremendously from their IT solutions and mobile applications."
Market leader of mobile solutions

Sharing Success

  • Satisfied clients in India and abroad
  • Well-renowned companies repeatedly partner with us
  • Delivered mission critical solutions as per clients needs
  • Ability to work efficiently and expeditiously in all verticals
  • Timely and accurately meeting of target and goals
  • Enterprise wide solutions that simplify business challenges
  • Work as an extended team for clients