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About Elixir CT

Consumer-centric Mobile Solutions

Attain. Maintain. Retain.

Elixir CT is at the helm of offering consumer-centric mobile solutions to all our clients. As service providers ourselves, we know the importance of attracting customers, keeping them engaged and ensuring their loyalty. We possess the technical know-how and practical experience to create and forward consumer-centric mobile solutions. Our solutions will help your customers enjoy events and games as well as search information quickly and accurately.

We work on native platforms and operating systems such as Symbian and Windows Mobile along with other managed platforms and virtual machines such as Java and FlashLite. Mobile solutions will help you create new revenue streams. Our highly effective campaigns ensure excellent user experiences.

We work on the principle of use of latest technology to attain customers, provide the best of the solutions to maintain relationships and give unhindered support to retain them.  We offer mobile solutions that are aimed at the end consumer with the goal to improve profitability for our clients. Our gamut of products and services will meet project objectives and drive growth.

Consumer Promotion Management

Elixir CT offers richer and faster user experiences with its Consumer Promotion Management solutions. We focus on planning and execution of mobile-based marketing solutions to attract and acquire new consumers as well as increase consumer

Fun Zones

Elixir CT has entered the new mode of advertising on mobiles through Fun Zones. With the aid of our mobile applications, these zones can be freely distributed to customers to increase brand and logo awareness. top

Marketing Campaigns

Elixir CT knows the importance of mobiles for reaching out to customers. We thus offer solutions that can be used with print, electronic and every other form of media or with a combination of multiple media to enable customers to receive knowledge and information on marketing campaigns. top

Robust Relationships

  • Customer-centric, Business-driven approach
  • Ensuring security of data and customers identification
  • Technologically-advanced, mobile and IT platforms
  • Fun and games to enhance brand awareness
  • Solutions, processes and campaigns that attract customers
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized marketing managements
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions