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Our four pillars - Plan, Prepare, Perform and Preserve – give depth to your processes and projects.
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Elixir's Edge with the Four Ps

Our approach acts as the biggest advantage to create bolder solutions

Elixir CT is at the forefront for providing mobile and IT solutions to diverse Indian and global companies. Our edge is what we believe are the Four Pillars of success – Plan, Prepare, Perform and Preserve.

Each of these four Ps works to first achieve and then better the results of any project we undertake for our clients. We use reliable and innovative tools and solutions and then create the most suitable steps and processes for effective and efficient management of projects. The four pillars though separate entities do not work from individual standpoints but as a collective means to achieve desired results.


Aligning objectives to strengths
The first edge that Elixir CT offers is a detailed sketch of your project and its processes. We begin by defining your project objectives and stating the deliverables and goals of the project. Once goals and deliverables have been defined, we then create a project schedule. The project schedule specifies the activities and resources required to meet individual timelines. Here the focus is one full utilization of abilities and skills for optimal results. Emergencies and delays to the project are taken into account at this stage and provisions made for such contingencies.  Risk analysis of the project is also be undertaken during the planning process.

However, we do not restrict ourselves to planning at the planning stage itself. As the project progresses, we keep going back to the drawing board to work out ways to improve the plan and manage risks encountered in a better way.


Mobilising Resources for Successes
Preparation for implementation of a project plan is formulating steps to be undertaken to achieve the project objectives. Once the goals have been decided, we evolvand chart the route for achievement of those goals, along with the most efficient utilization of resources available within an organization. Roles and responsibilities for each resource are clearly assigned to ensure smooth operations. All the processes, solutions and resources that are necessary to achieve success are approved through a system analysis and then implemented. The approved path is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that any further preparation required to achieve desired results can be successfully integrated into the planned processes.

Preparation for a project continues as the project develops. Success and outcomes of the project are considered and measured to take into account budget and other constraints. Our preparation of your project is undertaken to ensure effectual leveraging of all available resources for maximum success.


Transforming solutions into values
The third Elixir CT Edge is performance. The performance of a project determines the success of that project. Working with world-leading companies has given us a good insight into the uniqueness of each business process and strategy. It is with this knowledge, that we have built a proven and highly successful delivery methodology. At Elixir CT we create transparent workflows to ensure clear understanding of how the work is to be executed and who is responsible for the execution. Creation of meticulous workflows ensures that project performs to its maximum capacity.

We tirelessly work to transform business solutions into real time values for your project goals. Goals achieved through successful implementation and optimal performances translate into positive experiences for all stakeholders.


Delivering promises to build relationship
At Elixir CT we consider maintenance and perseverance of projects as the most challenging task. Once a project becomes live, it needs to run smoothly and efficiently to be deemed a success. Our Fourth P rest on this pillar of thought which enables you to deliver promises to better your relationship with employees and customers.

We understand real time value of a project comes into force with its implementation. We constantly and continuously undertake evaluation of work methods, responsibilities, schedules and future plans. Any inconsistencies are dealt with immediately and firmly to avoid roadblocks. We effectively build technology solutions, application maintenance, business intelligence, flexible strategic implications to track outputs, outcomes and impacts.

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We are always there to listen to your needs and share our thoughts. Our robust communication processes and equipment ensure regular two-way communication, giving you our Elixir Edge.

Proud Pillars

  • Our Four Pillars – Plan, Prepare, Perform, Preserve
  • Planning the pathway and analyzing risks
  • Preparing for optimal utilization of all resources available
  • Performing to transform business solutions into real time values
  • Preserving the processes with effective implementations