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Employee-centric Mobile Solutions

Ability. Quality. Superiority.

Elixir CT offers off-the shelf or custom designed mobile solutions that empower your employees to meet all your mission-critical needs. We adeptly synchronize our solutions with your business perspectives and vertical market trends. We consistently offer depth and breadth of mobile solutions to understand and translate your ideas into services and solutions.

We work on native platforms and operating systems such as Symbian and Windows Mobile along with other managed platforms and virtual machines such as Java and Flash Lite. We ensure good user experience with highly effective solutions.

Our focus is to improve the abilities of your employees through scalable solutions that will encourage and ensure quality, with sufficient and robust security. Each service offered by us will ultimately result in superior products and services for your end-customers.

Secondary Sales Capturing Systems

In today’s business environment and competitiveness, it has become imperative to reduce time on secondary sales information capture besides information consolidation and reports generation of such data.  At Elixir CT, we are able, qualified and superiorly equipped to implement applications for secondary sales information capture as well as reporting.  We believe in a business-driven approach because we comprehend the need for different solutions for different business processes and environments. top

Sales Tracking Systems

Enterprises repeatedly monitor sales activities to analyze business trends and develop business policies. Advanced technologies are a pre-requisite to track information on sales and customers. While procuring Sales Tracking Systems, enterprises need to address the following questions: Is it competent to manage and monitor the entire retail network?  Will it provide quick and accurate information to customers, suppliers and business partners? Is the system cost-effective? Will it effortlessly integrate the existing management techniques and data from POS system on the server?top

Customer Verification Systems

In today’s era of rapidly growing m-commerce and e-commerce businesses, the need to protect and identify end-users and customers is no longer an option but a necessity. Customer Identification plays a critical role in everyday transactions and maintaining secure business relationships. Verifying a customer through an application has become an integral step in the process of m-commerce.  top

Retail Audits

Elixir CT realizes the complexities and challenges faced by businesses to stay ahead in changing market economies. To help our clients achieve and remain market leaders, we innovate at every step – be it processes or products, giving you a competitive edge. We offer customized application development for retail audits to transform into business solution for you.  top

Location Based Services

Elixir CT’s Mobile location based services ensures Staff Productivity and Effectiveness through a system that can automate employee field visits into accurate logs.  Our location based service ensures geographical coverage and productivity of your employees. With this information in hand, you can easily field location with activity report for better governance.  Geo-coding systems allow clients in near real-time to know the exact location of any event on Google Maps. top

Able Solutions

  • Off the shelf as well as customized solutions
  • Capability to work on all platforms and operative systems
  • Operational efficiencies for processes and products
  • Effective integration of applications and solutions
  • Ease handling and viewership of reports and data
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized applications and solutions
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions