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Diwali Party and Puja

Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights was celebrated with the usual gusto of the holiday spirit. The office was decorated with festoons and balloons adding to the allure of the holidays and an extended weekend. Lunch at Food Court of Logix Park, was followed by Mahalakshmi Puja. Everybody sought the blessings of the Goddess and then went home for their holidays.

Trip to Nanital

To keep the company morale high and award the high performance of employees, a two-day trip was planned to Nanital in Dec 2009. Employees participated with enthusiasm and the journey was undertaken on Friday, Dec18th. The hotel booked for the event was Vikram Inn.

On the 19th morning, everyone quickly jumped into the waiting bus for a trip to the Naini Lake and other tourist spots in and around Nainital. Boating, singing and general laughter was all part of this memorable day. The sun waned, but the enthusiasm just kept growing with singing and dancing around the bonfire. The next day, dawned as a clear winter day, perfect for strolling and shopping on the mall. Nobody wanted to leave as each one was enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in the Himalayas. The trip added to wonderful memories with colleagues and friends, which we will cherish for a long time.

Our new office

We were thrilled to welcome the new work year in our new office in Sector 62. The walk to Tower C, DLF 3C IT Park, along beautifully landscaped and well-maintained gardens added to the excitement. On the fourth floor, guards guided employees to the new premises, where each employees' name was printed and pasted on work stations assigned to them. Not surprisingly, work was at a minimum with each one looking for his/her assigned seat and exploring the new office. The cynosure for all was the two textured ochre coloured pillars that added gaiety to the serene white background. Dominos pizza for lunch followed by different kinds of chocolates and sweets was the icing to the cake for this lively shift.

News & Events

  • Diwali Party and Puja
  • Trip to Nanital
  • Our new office