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Elixir CT has the resources and the capability to meet the diverse demands of all verticals
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Elixir Verticals

Awareness. Attentiveness. Applicableness.

Innovation is the key for every vertical today. At Elixir CT, we deeply believe and work towards offering innovating services and solutions to our clients. Our next-generation services span strategic management consultancy, ERP integration and customized software application development that can be converted into tangible offerings to be used by various industries across the globe.

Our experience with some of the verticals includes:

Retail/Diversified Conglomerates

Elixir CT has shaped a new era for the retail industry by offering flexible services that are an outcome of our in-depth knowledge of retail processes, buyer behaviors, and technology innovations. We enable you to anticipate the needs of your customers and then configuring your business to these needs. Our solution portfolio is designed to meet entire variety of retail requirement, including in-store operations, customer relationship management, and workforce effectiveness.


Elixir CT consistently designs and delivers telecommunications solutions that will align business with IT and smartly cater to the industry challenges – be it faster service rollout, or cost-effective legacy transformation or operational efficiency. We strive to enable you to design communication services that connect your customers anytime, anywhere in a simplified way. Our solution portfolio extends from customer service desk to sales force effectiveness to retail distribution IT systems.


When it comes to the automotive sector, Elixir CT knows the pulse of the industry. We provide a profitable direction to all your mobile needs with complete and cost-effective solutions backed by our proven automotive expertise and our focus to build long-term partnerships. Our solution portfolio offers real-time packages designed to meet all your automotive-specific needs – right from managing your supply-chain to connecting with your most profitable customers to accessing mission-critical information – thus simplifying your operations and drastically increasing efficiencies in the existing system.


Elixir CT converts the tough terrain into a smooth runway of possibilities with its suite of robust airline-specific solutions. The processes offered by us are designed to meet the unique industry needs as competitive pricing, high-impact marketing – speeding up your business decision making and helping you and your customers reach the highest destination.  With our deep understanding of the Airlines industry, we have the capacity to design a spectrum of high-performing, scalable, and flexible products that can be hosted and accessed using multiple protocols.

Banking and Insurance

Elixir CT understands the unique demand of the Banking and Insurance industry and offers you tangible cost advantage while creating profitable business opportunities. We seamlessly integrate industry insights with technology innovation to empower you to harness the true potential of mobile technology and tide over the challenges unique to your business. Our solution portfolio has various ROI-enhancers focused in optimizing your operations – right from improving performance management to automating business processes to servicing your customers real-time.

Health care/Pharmaceuticals

Elixir CT is at the forefront of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, offering specialized solutions that are innovative, HIPAA compliant, cost-effective and highly flexible. We proficiently aide you to modernize healthcare and deliver faster and cost-effective services and products to your customers. Our solution portfolio caters to the breadth of hospitality needs, including hospital management; personalized patient services, regulatory compliance, claims management, and sales force automation.

Commercial diversity

  • Next-generation service for customized software application development
  • In-depth knowledge of retail processes
  • Telecommunication software solutions for better connectivity
  • Hospitality-centric solutions that help offer personalized services solutions
  • Enterprise-wide solutions for your engineering and management needs
  • Mobile applications and solutions for the automotive, airline and education industry
  • Our portfolio of products and services will meet Banking and Insurance demands
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions for faster, cost-effective healthcare services